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Ecotherapy Forest bathing Guides Organization
Southern Africa

EFGO, hosted by ZenGuiding has been established in collaboration with Grootbos Private Nature Reserve. There are several Milkwood and Afromontane forests within the Grootbos Reserve. These forests provide the perfect environment and opportunity for Ecotherapy Forest Bathing guide training in the Western Cape.

Grootbos Milkwood forests video 

The EFGO nature-connection guide training aspect (Forest bathing and Zen Safaris) carried out by ZenGuiding is however not limited to the Grootbos forests, as training can take place in any other appropriate forests and/or other natural areas in Southern Africa depending on demand.  
Refer to the Ecotherapy & Forest Bathing Guide training page for more information. 

Objectives: To develop and set a professional standard of  Nature and Forest Ecotherapy Guides in Southern Africa. The art of facilitating nature therapy experiences is for the enhancement of mental and physical health of participants.  The aim is to deepen respect for the natural environment by bringing awareness to the interdependence of our own connection with nature.

Membership, Training & Assessment

Membership of the Organization
Membership is open to:

1. A qualified Nature Guide with a South African NQF Certificate who has 

been  declared competent as either; an Ecotherapy Forest Bathing Guide

or an Ecotherapy Safari Guide by EFGO. 

2. A qualified Psychologist, Social worker, Medical practitioner, or Life coach

or equivalent who has been declared competent as a Nature or Forest

Ecotherapy practitioner by EFGO.

3. A person having proof of a Forest Bathing certificate awarded by a

recognised international Nature/Forest Therapy Guide Association.

Entry Requirements for training
Must already either:
1. Be a qualified Nature Guide with a South African NQF certificate or

2. Be a qualified Psychologist, Social worker, Health practitioner, Life coach,

Yoga instructor or equivalent.

Learning materials
Learning materials in the form of a manual and a Journal-workbook is supplied by EFGO with lists of possible further reading for your own development as a Professional Nature and Forest Ecotherapy Guide/Safari Guide or Practitioner. 

Training & Assessment
Training takes place at various venues over southern Africa in an array of different natural areas. Assessment takes place by means of  Journaling and Workbook module completion and practical facilitator assessments. 

A Nature Therapy Guide Certificate is issued on declaration of competence as per EFGO requirements based on theoretical, experiential, and practical evaluation. Certification is awarded as either an Ecotherapy Forest Guide / Ecotherapy Safari Guide or an Ecotherapy Practitioner (Ecotherapist), depending on existing qualifications and experience. 

Recognition of competent EFGO trainers and assessors
Training of EFGO Nature and Forest Ecotherapy Guides and Practitioners is carried out at set venues further advancing the guide’s ability to carry out training and assessment of Nature and Forest Ecotherapy guides at the set standard of professional competence. 

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