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Zen Guiding


Discover your own true nature

Zen is simply everyday life lived with awareness
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Meet Grant

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Zen Guiding is run by Grant Hine (Ecotherapist) who has 30 years involvement in the nature guiding industry, a number of guiding qualifications and a Masters Degree in Psychology. He has written a number of guiding learner manuals and two books, and ran the Field Guides Association of Southern Africa (FGASA) for 17 years.  He now runs ZenGuiding which includes; consulting, nature therapy and forest bathing, Reiki (Master Practitioner), Zen Safaris & Zensory Experiences, life coaching, meditation and mindfulness training, guide training & assessments.

​The combination of his nature guiding experience and psychology background come together within the Buddhist and Taoist (Zen) philosophy and approach to life.

The experiences offered combine a love of the natural environment, the wish to provide a better life for all and to share an understanding of how being in touch with nature brings us closer to our own true nature. 

"An insight" is provided into what people are really looking for by spending time in the peace and quiet of the natural environment, be it forest, savanna, Fynbos or coastal environment.  

With insight Grant gives you an opportunity to experience the natural environment through meditation, awareness and mindfulness exercises brought together in tracking your true nature. With a better understanding of your true self you can approach your day to day living with a very different and fulfilling approach of happiness and contentment. 

Grant offers Nature based Life Guidance which is coaching with a difference as it takes place in nature allowing for the discovery of the true self and new paths revealed by reconnecting to nature.

Zen Guiding Grant Hine
Zen Guiding Forest Bathing

"Nature will provide you with what you most need from it in ways very specific to you"

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