ZenGuiding offers:

1. Coastal-Marine/Nature Guide Mentorship program

2. The Zen Guiding Mindfulness Training Program 

1. The FGASA Coastal-Marine / Nature Guide Mentorship program

This full-time 10-day Mentorship program provides you with all the module knowledge and skills required for the FGASA theory and practical assessments.  Join us in the Fynbos and coastal-marine environment for an enlightening experience.

You must already be a member of FGASA and bring your relevant learning materials to the program.

Please contact us on the 'Contacts' page for information on the Mentorship Program.
2. I'n-house Zen Guide Mindfulness training for qualified nature guides.

If you missed the Mindful life coaching and experiences page click on the link below

"The Art of Nature Guiding"


Price R250.00 

+ R100 postage per order



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Zen Guiding trains qualified nature guides in the art of Zen guiding, reconnecting them with nature, to bring about a change in the way they conduct guided nature experiences with guests.  The term ‘Zen’ here means to be mindful, to be aware and awake to all of life.


The process of Zen guide training consists of two aspects:


  • Reconnecting guides with nature

  • How to facilitate the “reconnection with nature experience”


The Zen Guide training programme focuses on reconnecting guides (already qualified nature guides) with all of nature in a manner that is above their scientific and analytical method of relating to the natural world.  This aspect of training provides guides with an opportunity (maybe the first time they have ever been exposed to this type of training) to get in touch with who they really are outside of the current way they have defined themselves.


Zen learner guides are taken through a process whereby they experience for themselves the natural environment though meditation, awareness and mindfulness exercises brought together in the experience of tracking their own true nature.   Zen learner guides are taught correct intention usually resulting in a shift in consciousness, which is key to the overall experience of being in nature.  


Zen Guides are taught various “experiences” (activities, exercises) to make use of in order to facilitate the gradual process with clients. Building on this more intimate, personal and insightful “facilitated experiences” will be taught to the Zen Guides in order to advance their client’s “reconnection with nature” experience.


The Zen Guide programme is facilitated at the guide's place of work as an in-house workplace training phase. Refer to the 'CONTACTS US' page to make any inquiries regarding the Zen Guide Training programme and 'click' on the Training Brochure box for details and prices.






The benefits of the Zen Guiding programme for employers:


1.   The guide’s enthusiasm is rekindled by re-connecting with nature through ‘Zen Guide’ training.

2.   Be more in tune with who they really are, which will enhance the guided experience they offer to clients.

3.   Will be more productive all-round due to their renewed enthusiasm.

4.   Will be able to provide an improved guided experience as what they do will have more meaning and will no               longer just appear to be a job.

5.   Clients will associate their unique experience (it is unique at present) with the guide and the lodge which they          visited.

6.  A ‘Zen Guide’ will be far more sociable and be able to engage clients at a deeper level of understanding without          being overpowering.

7.   Will be far more aware of the needs of clients and be able to read their clients at a deeper level of understanding,      providing a higher level of service.

8.  The type of experience a ‘Zen Guide’ can provide is an added marketing advantage for the company. 

9.  The outcomes of the guided experience carried out by a ‘Zen Guide’ will provide the clients with a renewed way of      living their day-to-day lives and not just a wildlife experience contained in Africa.

10.  A ‘Zen Guide’ will be able to provide clients with a life-changing experience.

11.  The guided experience provided by a ‘Zen Guide’ will benefit the natural environment on a world wide scale by          facilitating client re-connection with nature. 

12.  The staff dynamics at a lodge will be positively altered through the way the guides (and other employees)                implement their new Zen approach to life.

13.  A ‘Zen Guide’ will be far less prone to any form of accidents due to the mindfulness development in the Zen              Guide Training programme.

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