Join us on an expedition into the wilderness of your true-self. Here you will benefit from nature's therapy, nurturing seeds of happiness with laughter. Sharing and exploring in a safe, compassionate space. Through movement and guided mediations we will provide you with the instruments that will enable you to dance to your own music.

Daily offerings:

  • Forest bathing

  • Beach walks

  • Reflective dialogue

  • Yoga and meditation

  • Shiatsu massage

  • Hot tub star gazing

  • Home cooked meals

  • Fresh vegetables from our organic garden

Located at Imagine in Wilderness Western Cape, South Africa. 

ZenGuiding Simply Being

Fresh air meditation at sunrise embracing the day

Bringing harmony between mind and body

Absorbing negative ions from the ocean

Organic vegetables, the heart of our meals

Forest bathing, nature is therapy

Grounding, positive effects on your body

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ZenGuiding Simply Being