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Nature Connection Experiences


Discover, reconnect and rewild your ecological self (your own true nature) on a ZenGuiding Nature Experience. Join us for a day (or a few days) to discover your own true nature through Awareness connecting and personal experiential exercises. 


ZenGuiding offers a number of experiences of varying lengths and diverse venues:

1. Zen Safari

2. Zensory Experience

3. Forest Bathing

4. Self-discovery nature walk 

Discover your ecological self by reconnecting to nature through forest Bathing, meditation, awareness and mindfulness exercises brought together in tracking your true nature. Your ecological self is your individual connection with and attitude toward the natural environment. Your individual ecological identity is determined by how you extend your sense of self in relationship to the world of nature.

Examples of some exercises:

Awareness exercises

​• Sounds as music meditation

• Leopard walk

• Find my tree again

• Blind walk

• Developing curiosity

• Paying bare attention

• Mindful eating

• Freeing ourselves from thinking


Connecting exercises

• Forest Bathing                  

• Personal space

• Tree energy surfing

• Tree breathing 

• Stethoscope listening

• Grounding experiences

• Animal connections

• Non-conceptual awareness


Personal exercises

• Shedding leaves

• Letting go fire exercise

• Message in a bottle

• Dealing with anger

• Dream integration

• Embracing impermanence 


With a better understanding of your true nature you can approach your day to day living with a very different and fulfilling approach of happiness and contentment.

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