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Ecotherapy and Nature-based Life Coaching

Ecotherapy and Nature-based life coaching provides an opportunity to reconnect with nature to discover your own true ecological self and life potential.

  • Life Guidance (Coaching)

  • Mindfulness meditation training

  • Forest Bathing (Shinrin-Yoku)

  • Grounding Therapy

  • Stress and Anger management

  • Dealing with loss and attachment

  • Developing healthier life habits

  • Embracing change and transition

  • More satisfying relationships

  • Better productivity and life energy

  • Feel more connected to nature

Learn through Mindfulness Cognitive Behavioural training how to deal with anger, stress, grief and fatigue in your daily life.

Join me for mindfulness training as a way of managing your anger and dealing with daily stress and resulting fatigue.  Join for an introductory session and feel different about your life and the way you live it.

    "When you are happy nothing changes, but everything is different

ZenGuiding life coaching

The ZenGuiding Life Coaching Process

1. Personal Evaluation

2. Goals

3. Your Life Reality

4. Options & Obstacles

5. The Way Forward   (Nature's Therapy methods applied)

6. Taking Action (Nature's Therapy methods applied)

7. Reflecting

ZenGuiding Life Coaching
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