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About ZenGuiding

  • Awareness & Meditation nature experiences (Zensory experiences)

  • Zen Safaris in "Big 5"game reserves

  • Self-discovery nature walks

  • Ecotherapy and Nature-based Life Coaching

  • Mindfulness and Meditation training

  • Reiki therapy

  • Guide Mentorship programs

  • Nature-Connection Guide training 


ZenGuiding provides the following experiences to enhance your life:

Zen Ecotherapy and Nature-based Life Coaching - Contact me for life guidance, meditation and mindfulness training, dealing with anger, stress, grief and fatigue as part of the Zen Ecotherapy services. 

Zen Safari and Zensory experiences - Discover your ecological self experiences in nature. Zen Guiding provides you with an opportunity to experience the natural environment through meditation, awareness, mindfulness exercises and Forest Bathing (Shinrin-Yoku) brought together in discovering your ecological self.  With a better understanding of your true self you can approach your day to day living with a very different and fulfilling approach of happiness and contentment.

Guided Nature Walks and short courses

Discover the nature of De Kelders / Walker Bay area and your own true nature.

Cost of experiences and Life Coaching on request, please contact me.

ZenGuiding Forest Bathing
ZenGuiding Forest Bathing

Forest Bathing 

An introduction to Nature Therapy  (Revised edition) 236 pages, 16 Chapters & 67 Meditations and Exercises

Introducing the concept of nature's own therapy by reconnecting to nature through the senses, enhancing psychological well-being and physical health leading to a calm, peaceful and healthy way of living everyday life.


Price R230.00 

+R100 postage per order 

Postnet to Postnet SA only

Email your order to 

Books available


"The Art of Nature Guiding"


297 Pages with 17 Modules - Knowledge summaries &

How to guide each module. 

A must for new guides, a thought provoking new approach for existing guides.



A Zen Safari 
Meditation in the wild

Looks at the potential human-nature connection during time in nature be it on safari with a guide or a self-guiding journey in the natural environment.
180 pages, scientific explanations, exercises and meditations on safari.
ORDER NOW  R210.00 + R100 postage per order Postnet to Postnet SA only. Email your order to

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